IOC directors earn more money than Olympic champions – and more than any single Olympic sport

It is one of the most intriguing questions about the dubious dictatorship of IOC President Thomas Bach: Why were the salaries of some IOC directors almost doubled in the middle of the COVID crisis? Why do his loyal servants earn more money from the IOC in one Olympiad than any Olympic IF?

IOC directors earn more money than Olympic champions – and more than any single Olympic sport

For a few months now, a list of the salaries of the directorate level of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been circulating. To be honest, I had it on my eternally long to-do list to somehow check the veracity of this list. Some of the people I spoke to said it all sounded very realistic, others had reservations. It always sounded realistic to me.

Now we know. Those are the real salaries, based on the IOC's Form 990 information from the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The ProPublica platform has published the document (ObjectId: 202213209349302106 - Submission: 2022-11-16).

I have prepared the salaries for you in a table that is a little more bite-sized.

This also includes a projection of how much these people at the top of the IOC administration will receive in the so-called Olympiad, i.e. in the traditional Olympic four-year period. That becomes more interesting and goes into orders of magnitude where one could ask questions as an Olympic athlete.

Let's put it this way: The 1,620,652 US dollars that Kaveh Mehrabi receives as Director of Athletes' Department, extrapolated to one Olympiad, is paid to only a few Olympic champions worldwide in the same period.

It's funny that the Director of Athletes' Department is the lowest paid of the IOC directors.

Even here it shows once again where the priorities lie.

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There are numerous details that could be debated and that we will certainly debate in the near future, whether here or elsewhere. Once again, I would just like to briefly mention the dubious role of Pâquerette Girard Zapelli, secretary of the so-called Ethics Commission of the IOC. So Pâquerette collects more than two million dollars (projection) in an Olympiad for her services in the interests of the IOC leadership. The IOC's ethics regulations, like the entire structure and work of this Ethics Secretariat and Commission under the leadership of IOC mascot Ban Ki-Moon, are absolutely antediluvian. But anyway, that's just in passing. On resubmission.

Have fun studying the list. And don't forget: